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| "Scouts have long graded position players on five tools that are central to success in the game: hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding and throwing. The so-called “five-tool player” is a special breed, as those who truly rate above average in each category are extremely rare." - MLB.com

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We are utilizing more venues in the Midwest and South-East Coast Region to improve scouting opportunities for players participating in our events to maximize exposure. Our main focus is providing events for players to get exposure and play against great competition, all while playing at some of the nicest baseball diamonds in the region. Teams looking to give their players the best chance to play in front of college coaches, on collegiate venues, get exposure, and to play against some of the top teams from across the region… 5-Tool Tournaments is taking care of that! To request more information, please contact us!

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5-Tool Tournaments: Indianapolis Wood Bat

15u, 16u

July 15th - 16th

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Battle of the Borders

15u, 16u

June 22 - 25th

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Indianapolis Fall League

High School (15u-18u)

Sept. 24 - Oct. 23 **Saturday & Sunday League**

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